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The Krämer Motorcycles Story

# 1 How the first bike was delivered to the USA


It is in the autumn of 2014. October 3rd ( The day of German Unity), to be exact!  It was on this day that  Robert (Bob) Barton and Markus Krämer first exchanged e-mails. At that time, we had not even thought of selling our motorcycles to the USA. However, thanks to the world wide web, Bob was able to stumble across our company, as well as our bike, and took initiative! Bob and Markus exchanged several e-mails, and it became very clear that Bob needed to fly to Germany and inspect our bike in person. The place to for this first eye to eye, bum on seat experience for Bob would come on  05.12.2014, at the Essen Motorshow. The question was no longer whether, but rather with what equipment Bob would like to have his HKR EVO2? That evening at the Christmas market in Essen, the “contracts” were signed for the first HKR EVO2 to be sent across the Atlantic!  The bike touched US soil on 24.04.2015.

 Many races and many race wins followed for the HKR-EVO2! We had arrived an where making our first waves in the USA. Now we count 10 EVO2’s which have made the long journey across the Atlantic and are successfully running and winning all over the country. Bob has passed his beloved HKR EVO2 to his son, Jack Barton, who is racing in the CRA and is having some great on track battles with “Mark Praska”, who also races an HKR EVO2.

 We, Krämer Motorcycles, and especially (Markus Krämer) would like to thank Robert Barton for the great trust given to us, at a time when we were just opening our doors. This is by no means a small gesture in trust, and we will continue to do everything we can to meet his confidence in us! We will do our best to always honor our commitments and repay in kind the trust given to us by Bob and all our customers, worldwide!

The Krämer Motorcycles Story

#0 Born from passion probably describes it best.


What started out as just a hobby in 2009, building a prototype racing bike for our own use, ultimately led to the company foundation of Krämer Motorcycles in 2014. The first model of the young company’s history is the “HKR EVO2″ where “HKR” stands for the first letter of the last names of Christof Henco , Markus Krämer and Nico Rothe . In 2009, the three of them started building their own SuperMono in order to race it. These first SuperMonos were called EVO1. The HKR EVO2 is therefore its successor and already includes four years of pre-development through experience gained on the EVO1 model.